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UMBS Hapkido
& Self-Defense

Universal Method of Bodywork System

What is UMBS?

The most important principle in UMBS is to disrupt the person's center balance by maneuvering their body in every direction and taking control of their center balance, the spine.  The most important point in Hapkido is learning to minimize the use of the hands until the end if needed.   UMBS is also known as “Standing Jujitsu”.

Imagine taking a block, like a domino, that could shift all the other blocks back (off-balancing) because one of those blocks is crooked or out of place. That's what happens to the body when you break its balance in any part of the body, it breaks the balance of the whole body creating a domino-like effect.  

Hapkido (hapkiyusul)

What is Hapkiyusul?

Hapkiyusul is the practice of the original techniques and teaching process of Hapkido, as taught by founder Choi Yong-Sool. 

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Hapkiyusul consists of throwing, kicking, striking, attacking, and joint manipulation. It is used against single and multiple opponents for self-defense. 

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