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About American Martial Arts Center

Our Mission

Our aim as a Martial Arts School, is to create a culture with a group of people that share the same values for health, fitness, and making the world a better place. We are not training to be cage fighters.

We believe in the concept of being a "martial artist" not just a practitioner of a certain style or art form. We believe in integrating concepts from different systems, or styles, to help us become more proficient and knowledgeable martial artist.

We believe in providing each student with the best martial arts instruction possible, in a positive, safe, and controlled learning environment. We believe in traditional values and modern concepts, creating a cutting edge approach in martial arts education and instruction.

We believe in developing a well rounded martial artist, who understands that the martial arts teach more than just fighting. True martial arts should stress character development, discipline, respect, as well as, self-defense.

We believe in building up our students - especially our kids and teenagers, by helping them create a positive self-image of who they are and what they can accomplish in life, and in the martial arts. 

You will benefit from smaller class sizes.

One of the great things about our program, is our student teacher ratio. Our smaller class sizes are "student-friendly", and continue to attract students who enjoy a more personal learning environment

We are a Kukkiwon Black Belt school.

The Kukkiwon, located in Korea, is home of the World Taekwondo Headquarters. All Dans (degrees) are certified through the Kukkiwon, and is recognized throughout the world.

Tournament Friendly.

Although the main focus of our school's training is for real life, and centers around learning self defense concepts for the real world. When we do compete, the majority of our students win, or place, in many local, state, and national championships.

American Martial Arts Class Dynamics.

We accept students from 4 years of age through Adulthood. Our school is culturally diverse and has both male and female students. Our classes are packed with dynamic kicks, challenging movements, making American Martial Arts Center a great place for you to learn more about the Martial Arts and it's many disciplines.

American Martial Arts Center has specialized in martial arts training since 1997
and has one of the longest-running martial arts programs
in the Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, FL area.

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